The Story

A Story of Heartbreak and Hope

The NJC Home of Mercy was born out of personal tragedy and a desire to bring light to the lives of children in need. Founders Gloria Naluswta and Ngobya Cesar Junior understand the pain of loss and the power of hope more than most. After losing their newborn son at just three weeks old, they experienced a profound grief that shook them to their core. Yet, in their darkest hour, a shared dream was born.

Fueled by their heartbreak, they made it their mission to prevent any child from experiencing the despair they had known. Gloria, whose husband affectionately named her “Mom for all kids,” and Cesar, who himself survived a harsh childhood on the streets, chose to channel their pain into a force for good. They vowed to create a home where every child would feel loved, safe, and cared for.

A Journey of Love and Resilience

Starting the NJC Home of Mercy wasn’t easy. The couple began with limited resources, yet an abundance of resolve. They started with just five children. Despite scarce facilities, they couldn’t ignore the sight of suffering children like Annet. Their only option was, and always will be, to rescue and provide for the child.

Cesar’s own background as a former street child inspired this mission. He remembers days of hunger and desperation, scouring dustbins for scraps to eat. Yet, a chance encounter with missionaries in a church not only gave him food for the day, but it changed the course of his life forever. With their help, Cesar received education, love, and care. A kind woman from Europe took him under her wing, becoming a surrogate mother and a beacon of hope.

Dedicated to Changing Lives

From their unique experiences, Gloria and Cesar understand that every child deserves love, care, and the opportunity to thrive. The NJC Home of Mercy is their commitment to this belief. Today, they are providing care for 79 orphaned children and striving every day to ensure they never feel the kind of desperation Cesar once experienced or the pain of loss they experienced as a couple.