Founded by Ngobya Ceaser Junior and his wife Gloria Naluswta, NJC Home of Mercy is a dedicated safe haven for orphaned children in Masaka, Kampala, Uganda. We are a registered organization, recognized by the Government with Registration Number 80020003379743.

At NJC, which stands for Ngobya Ceaser Junior, we pride ourselves on offering a loving home to 79 beautiful children who have lost their families. Despite the odds, we strive to offer comfort, care, and support to every child in our care, and work hard to ensure they do not just survive but also thrive.

Our Challenges

Comfort and Shelter

Challenges of Providing Basic Needs

At NJC Home of Mercy, we strive to provide our children with a warm and safe environment. This involves ensuring each child has a bed to sleep on, a blanket to keep them warm, and a mattress for comfort. Unfortunately, we often face shortages of these essential items, which can significantly impact the well-being of our children.

Health and Safety

Fighting Against Malaria

Our location in Kampala, Uganda, unfortunately, exposes our children to the risk of malaria, a life-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes. To protect our children, we prioritize providing mosquito nets. These nets are a simple, yet effective barrier against mosquito bites, significantly reducing the chances of malaria infection. However, our current resources do not allow us to procure enough mosquito nets to safeguard all our children adequately.

Nutrition and Sustenance

Addressing Food Insecurity

Arguably, our most significant challenge is ensuring consistent and nutritious meals for our children. We aim to provide breakfast, lunch, and supper to our children every day. To achieve this, we need to raise at least $200 every week. There are heartbreaking instances when we are unable to meet this target, resulting in our children having to skip meals.

We are constantly working to overcome these challenges and ensure our children receive the care and protection they deserve. Your support can make a significant difference in their lives.

How You Can Help?

By supporting NJC Home of Mercy, you can help us ensure that no child goes to bed hungry or unprotected from malaria. Your contributions will help us secure the funds we need to feed our children, purchase beds and bedding, and provide much-needed mosquito nets.

Every donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the lives of these children. So, please consider donating today. Together, we can give these children the future they deserve.

It costs just $0.35 per day to feed each child – a small amount that unfortunately, we often find difficult to raise.